what happens

As part of the Near Futures for 5×5, a project of the DC Commission on the Arts and humanities, Statuevision celebrates monuments from around the DC area in a public and participatory video projection performance.  The performance consists of about a dozen video projections of DC area statues on the Dupont Circle trees accompanied by conversation and soft ambient music.  The performance was developed collaboratively with school teachers, students and parents as an educational project that helps community members learn about American history  through the characters embodied in statues found throughout the district.

how it works 

The one-night public performance starting at dusk at Dupont Circle Park surrounds Chester French’s statue.  The event assembled approximately 50-500 DC citizens and visitors to experience live, real-time interactive projections based on 3-dimensional models of District statues.  Utility carts on wheels allow performers to move about and project on trees from small battery powered projectors.  The project involved local history teachers and historians, young students form Capital Hill Montessori, students from Carnegie Mellon University and everyday DC history buffs narrating the lives and achievements of historical figures commemorated in statues around the district .  The piece explores the future of movements and monuments, and Dupont Circle as a place for gathering and assembly, in celebration of public monuments and the histories they embed.

why it matters 

Statuevision transforms the uncanny, heroic, referential legacies of statues as a means for reframing monuments can become instruments for public imagination and social vision. The performance highlights Dupont Circle’s legacy as a place bridging local and global culture in Washington DC through congregation, social diversity, and public exchange. Statuevision populates public imagination with an inclusive illumination of the center statues, accompanied by projections of public statues from other parts of DC on surrounding trees, and its beautiful political messages to the people as explorers.

Statuevision was designed and directed by Ali Momeni, and developed in collaboration with Mary-Beth Lowery and Lesa Warrick from Capitol Hill Montessori.

Social and Learning Media for the project were designed and produced by Claire Hentschker.

Public statues were modeled by Rob Hackett, and refined by Lauren Valley and Claire Hentschker.

The Oct. 17, 2014 performance of Statuevision included the following team of performers/projectionists/storytellers:

  • Priya Ganadas
  • Claire Hentschker
  • Miles Peyton
  • Daniel Pills
  • Kaitlin Schaer
  • Lauren Valley

Statuevision was commissioned by 5×5; this portion of 5×5 was curated by Stephanie Sherman.

Map of DC Public Statues:

View Statues of the District of Columbia in a larger map

This project leverages the pages-for-sites feature of Facebook to create a meeting point around each historic character .  The purpose of these pages is to create a platform for research and information sharing for these character, as well as a connection to the actual physical space they inhabit in the district.  Here are some sample pages for some of our statues: