A Manual for Urban Projection

A Manual for Urban Projection


The Manual for Urban Projection (MUP) is a resource guide for Urban Projection (UP) concepts, strategies, and technologies. It combines observations by Urban Projection thinkers and practitioners with lessons gleaned from the authors’ collective experiences with Urban Projection, public curation, and other art adventures. MUP provides conceptual and practical approaches for experimentation with and deployment of projection technologies toward public communal experiences.

MUP is organized into three parts.

  • Concepts, which assembles theories, strategies, contexts, and inspirations for urban projection projects.
  • Tools, which explores the kinds of technologies and techniques required.
  • Scenarios, which presents arrangements of people, equipment, and architectures that can inspire UP play and action.

MUP seeks to inspire investigations, reflections, storytelling, collaborative design, systems-thinking, and public imagination for new and current Urban Projectionists. As a project of The Center for Urban Intervention Research (CUIR), it contributes to a broader research initiative de-mystifying urban intervention practices and the instruments that enable them.

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