H3O // 003


Curated and presented by The Drift and the Center for Urban Intervention Research, H3O // OO3 took place on Sept 25th 2015 beneath the Veteran’s Bridge along the north shore of the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh.

H3O // OO3 featured a select presentation of site-responsive video projections, musical performances, and interactive new media works produced by local and international artists. These performances and digital works respond to the materiality of water, ideas of fluidity, and the mediation of an environmental crisis in a post-internet age, exploring new embodiments of the sublime through uncanny valleys and ever-flowing feeds, touch-sensitive surfaces, and the hyperreality of CGI.

These works were presented on and along the Allegheny River, viewable from the North Shore Trail beneath the Veteran’s Bridge in Pittsburgh, PA. Additional programming includes a guided kayak tour provided by Venture Outdoors for those that registered through their website.

H3O // OO3 is supported generously by the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry by way of Golan Levin, the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Awesome PGH, Carnegie Mellon School of Art by way of John Carson, Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts by way of Dan Martin, and Creative Capital.